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Who We Are?


- Al Ghad Training Institute (GTI) is a private training center incorporated in Bahrain with a vision to create real opportunities for Bahrainis to enter and grow in the workforce. We aim at improving the skills of Bahrainis to help them realize their full potential as leaders.
- GTI’s parent company is the Modern Institute which has 18 years of track record in providing quality education services and branches across Bahrain.

- GTI provides global professional certificates from prestigious institutes in the United States and the United Kingdom. All of our offerings are certified by the Directorate of Training Institutes affairs at the Ministry of Labor.

- The institute provides various training programs in the areas of Business Administration, Human Resources, IT, and Communication Skills.

- Our programs are suitable for employees, job seekers, undergraduates, and high school graduates. The Institute also has a qualified trainers educated from local and international universities and are subject matters expert in their areas of specialization.








  Who We Are?  


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