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Video Montage


This course contains the following Application:

1. Adobe Premiere
Work with audio
Editing Video
Create transitions and titles
Manipulate subclips and virtual clips
Rendering with Adobe Encore
Selecting Settings, Adjusting Preferences, and Managing Assets
Importing and Managing Tapeless Media
Shooting and Capturing Great Video Assets
Creating Cuts-Only Videos
Adding Video Transitions
Creating Dynamic Titles
Applying specialized editing tools
Adding Video Effects
Putting clips in motion

2. Adobe After Effect
Getting to Know the Workflow
Creating a Basic Animation Using Effects and Presets
Animating Text
Working with Shape Layers
Animating a Multimedia Presentation
Animating Layers
Working With Masks
Distorting Objects with the Puppet Tools
Using the Roto Brush Tool
Performing Color Correction
Building 3D Objects
Using 3D Features
Advanced Editing Techniques
Rendering and Outputting









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